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Women's Leadership Program 2017 - Call for applications

Women’s Leadership Program 2017

Call for Applications

August 26, 2016


The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) will provide professional development and networking opportunities for Australia Awards alumni, especially women, to build skills to access leadership positions across all industries and sectors.

The WLP targets Australia Awards alumni to enhance their ability to compete equally in the workplace, regardless of gender, as the next generation of Mongolian leaders.

Program Description

The Australia Awards Mongolia Program commenced on 1 July 2013, with the goal to improve human resource capacity in Mongolia. The WLP is a sub-component of this program and is designed to provide professional development to improve leadership skills of Australia Awards alumni to enable them to compete successfully for leadership positions.

The Australia Awards Mongolia Program has contracted Zorig Foundation to manage the WLP. The program is an important part of the Australian Government’s development support to Mongolia delivered by its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The WLP will provide a comprehensive leadership and development program for 20 alumni - men and women - over an 8-month period from October 2016 to June 2017. Alumni will engage in a variety of activities to develop their personal leadership capacity.

Candidate Description and Qualifications

Zorig Foundation will manage the selection of men and women participants who:

  • Desire to strengthen their leadership skills
  • Want to expand their understanding of gender issues in Mongolia
  • Want to expand their networking with Mongolian and Australian businesses, public sector and civil society representation

Support women’s leadership.

The program is seeking a diverse mix of applicants from wide-ranging professional sectors. Selection of participants will be based on their enthusiasm and potential for leadership, their potential for future impact on development in Mongolia and their plans for tangible outcomes from the program. Participants must display commitment to engaging in weekly program activities and meet the attendance requirement of at least 80%.

WLP participants must:

  • Be Australian Development Scholarships/Australia Awards graduates. (Australia Leadership Awards Scholarships graduates cannot apply because they have benefited from leadership activities as part of their awards).
  • Be currently employed (self-employed alumni and women returning from maternity leave during the program are eligible)
  • Be willing to commit to the 8 months of the program
  • Be willing to participate in follow-up monitoring of the program
  • Demonstrate a willingness to strengthen their understanding of gender issues in Mongolia and commit to supporting both men’s and women’s leadership.
  • Demonstrate a supportive workplace and family environment to undertake the program.
  • Be seeking to improve their leadership and decision-making skills

Required supporting documents

Persons interested in participating in the WLP need to lodge an application form. It is available on-line at:


The following documents also need to be uploaded with the application form:

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • The Letter of Recommendation (preferably from the Employer)
  • Statement of Purpose

This statement of 500-1000 words should explain your reasons for applying to the WLP; personal expectations from the program, previous leadership achievements and your future career plans after completion of the program.

Zorig foundation will manage the selection process for the WLP, with final recommended participants approved by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

All completed applications must be submitted NO LATER THAN 22 SEPTEMBER, 2016 at 13:00.

Further information

Questions about the program and the application process should be submitted to:

Tsolmon Bayaraa,

Zorig Foundation, Peace Avenue 17, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, 14210

Tel: +976-11-315444, +976-99103069


Maral Gankhuyag,

Zorig Foundation, Peace Avenue 17, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, 14210

Tel: +976-11-315444, +976-98001318


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Women's Leadership program 2017 - Selection guideline
Women's Leadership program 2017 - Selection guideline
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